Red Carpet Wine Dinner


Our Red Carpet Wine Dinner was held on the evening of April 25, 2015.  The dinner was catered by originaLa gusTo.  Chef Cris Sanchez and his Partner JC were here in March to show off their abilities.  We were so impressed we booked them immediately.  Here is a sample of what our quest enjoyed.


Chef Cris Sanchez getting ready Chef Cris Sanchez getting ready The Dinner is READY!!!!! The Dinner Begins!!!!!

Our Red Carpet Menu:

Course One:

Duck                                                  Wine:  Chateau Teulon   Rhone Rose Wine    2013

Cured duck breast with a apricot fig chutney and balsamico.

Course Two:

Wild Shrimp                                    Wine:  Chateau Teulon   Rhone White Wine   2013

Blench wild shrimp with a rose reduction dry age currants and cherry over a Chinese pistachio sauce.

Course Three:

Carpaccio                                         Wine:   Domaine De Couron Marselan Red Wine  2013

Roasted beef carpaccio with aji & chimichurri sauce.

Course Four (Main Course):        Wine:   Domaine De Couron Cotes-Du Rhone Red 2012

Beef Ossobuco

Slow cooked  Ossobuco with Bourgoñion sauce , grand Marnier carrots and pearl onions.

Course Five (Dessert):                 Wine: J Roget Champagne, Brut

Bread pudding

White chocolate, blue berry bread pudding with amaretto and vanilla gelato

originaLa gusTo

Originala Gusto is a North Texas based catering company founded by good friends & business partners “Chef Cris” Sanchez and Jon “JC” Cunningham. Cris and JC forged the idea for the catering business together from a common passion to share the delicious & original tastes created by the “freestyle way of cooking” Chef Cris brings to their menus using only fresh, organic and high-quality ingredients delivered in creative, classy presentations.

Cris and JC chose the name Originala Gusto from the language Esperanto which in English translates to “Original Taste”. The Esperanto language was chosen because it was created as a universal language. Esperanto was introduced in 1887 as a second language that would allow people who speak different native languages to communicate, yet at the same time retain their own languages and cultural identities. Cris and JC felt this was fitting for the company name as the goal of Originala Gusto is to develop its menus in a way that represents a tasteful and beautiful expression of many nations and cuisines across the world that is not only delightful to taste, but is also organic, artistic, colorful and entertaining.

To reserve your spots just click  the link below and follow directions under Red Carpet Wine Dinner.  Your reservations will be booked with your payment.


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